Rags to Stitches

Rags to Stitches

Aspire students seem to have an edge when it comes to creative projects and this can be seen throughout the academy in almost every subject area. With this in mind, students are actively encouraged to explore their own creativity and push their own limits on challenging projects.

Some of the Year 11 Craft students have been looking at ways to broaden their craft skills this half term and the end results have been amazing. Take the rag rug in the above pictures for example. The photos emphasise how students work hard to bring their ideas into fruition and the pride they put into their work.

The rug was made from various scraps and strips of fleece – fabric that many would have happily just thrown into the dustbin. But with heaps of dedication, teamwork and endurance, these old rags have been transformed into a visually stunning piece of work

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