Murder She Taught

Murder She Taught

There appears to have been another murder at Aspire. The latest victim – Mrs Stephenson. A witness from 8A reported:

“I was looking forward to my science lesson. I really enjoy learning from Mrs Stephenson because she knows all these amazing facts and she always makes learning fun. But when I walked in and saw her sprawled out on the floor, with all this blood – I just couldn’t believe it!”

Desperate for justice, the students from 8A have decided to put all of the skills Mrs Stephenson has taught them to good use to determine the culprit. This time the clues are everywhere and the forensics team were there to analyse the crime scene and gather important clues.

The students took fingerprints, shoe prints and carried out blood tests. Now they will return to the lab, collate the evidence, analyse the data and hopefully reprimand the killer.

Tomorrow the following suspects will be brought in for questioning:

Mr Fletcher
Mr Garton
Mr Thomas

Watch this space!

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