Parents and carers information

Aspire Academy Home / Academy Agreement Policy

At Aspire Academy we believe that a strong home-school partnership will make us an even more successful learning institution. Our home / Academy partnership is important to us for very good reasons. We have a vital role to play in the lives of all our students by helping them access the highest quality education. Each individual student contributes to the success of Aspire Academy by way of their attitude and achievements. However, family influences have a powerful effect upon children’s attitudes and achievement. It is a proven fact that if parents/carers show high levels of support for the academy and take an active interest in their child’s education these students progress further in school than other children. Where the home / academy link is strong there are also fewer problems related to work and behaviour. Our partnership is of paramount importance and the home / academy agreement is a reflection of our trust in each other and the ability of the academy, parents/carers and students to work together. It outlines the rights and responsibilities we all have towards each other. We hope that you and your child will read this agreement with care and thoughtfulness because you are not just signing a piece of paper- you are making a strong commitment to work with us to provide your child with the very best education and grounding for the future that we can give them together. Let us know if you think we can improve this document in any way to strengthen our partnership with you and your child.




The Academy will:
 Care for your child’s safety and happiness.
 Work with you to solve any problems that could harm your child’s progress, and respond
promptly to any concerns you raise.
 Keep you regularly informed and consulted about general Academy matters and respond
as promptly as possible to any communication that you have with us.
 Provide a balanced curriculum and high quality teaching to meet your child’s individual
 Offer a broad range of courses, an individualised learning path for your child, and strive to
meet the required targets for examinations and assessments.
 In each academic year, arrange Parents’ Evenings and other meetings during which
progress can be discussed, and also provide detailed written reports of your child’s
 Set, mark and monitor homework and coursework.
 Contact you as early as possible (usually on the first day) if there is a problem with
attendance and also contact you should punctuality to the Academy be an issue.
 Contact you to let you know when your child has done particularly well or is showing good
all round improvement.
 Do our best to ensure that your child achieves his or her potential.

I/we will:
 See that my/our child attends regularly, on time, appropriately dressed and properly equipped for all lessons.
 Inform the Academy as soon as possible on the first day of absence if my/our child is unable to attend.
 Keep the Academy informed of any concerns or problems, which might affect my/our child’s work or behaviour
 Support the Academy’s policies and guidelines for behaviour
 Support my/our child in homework and other opportunities for home learning
 Attend Parents’ Evenings/meetings and discussions about my/our child’s progress