International Links

International Community

Aspire Academy provides opportunities to engage with the wider community and the international community. Aspire Academy is in the process of registering for the International School Award (ISA) and hopes to have obtained this by Summer 2015. Aspire is developing links with schools in Poland, Sierra Leone and China; three contrasting cultures whereby students can learn about the lives, traditions, beliefs and challenges facing young people around the world. Aspire has a confirmed link with a school in The Gambia.

As part of the links, students are to produce projects and communicate regularly with other students. Activities like this not only encourage understanding, tolerance and perspective but empathy and communication skills, not least the importance of using Standard English in order to do so effectively.

Young Farm School – The Gambia

Students aged 10 and up attend this nursing school in a village called Busumbala village.






Gimnazjum Nr 1 –Dąbrowie Górniczej