Staff List

Staff List 2015-2016

Principal (QTS) C Mulqueen
Vice Principal and Teacher (QTS) S Ward
Vice Principal and Teacher (QTS) (Child Protection Officer and Designated LAC Teacher) A Gardner
SENCO and Teacher (QTS) H Lockyer
Head of Key Stage 4 and Teacher (QTS) K Goodwin
Head of Key Stage 3 and Teacher (HLTA) A Brown
Attendance and Commissioning Manager E Davidson-Lane
Assistant to KS4, External Provision Support and Teacher (HLTA) R Pinder
SLO (Student Liaison Officer), Deputy Child Protection Officer M Lane
SLO (Student Liaison Officer) and Admission Support D Benstead
Attendance Officer J Fishwick
Therapies and EAL Support L Babas
Reading Intervention Co-ordinator C Lancaster
Home Education and EP G Daley
Home Education S Sawyers
Subject Leader in English (QTS) J Fox
Teacher of English (QTS) H Davies
Teacher of English (QTS) K Wilson
Subject Leader in Maths (QTS) L Cawood
Teacher of Maths (Instructor) M Richardson
Teacher of Maths (QTS) F Elliott
Teacher of Science/ECDL (QTS pending) S Stevenson
Teacher of Art (QTS) K Rokyckyj
Teacher of Art (QTS) K Nicholas-Smith
Teacher of Photography (Instructor) K Jackson
Subject Leader of Vocational Construction (QTLS) D Fletcher
Teacher MVE (QTLS) A Arundel
Teacher MVE (QTLS) D Shipp
Teacher Sport (QTLS) T Lynn
Teacher of Hair and Beauty (Instructor) T Dearlove
Teacher of L&T/ECDL (Instructor) and Cover Supervisor K Matfin
Loft Project Co-ordinators  

S Lancaster

N White

Tutor Teams (Teaching Assistants)  


K Ledger

K Coombs

V Fores



D Thomas

K Day

L Reffin

G Gardiner

K Robinson

S Mcdonagh

L Robinson

N Ridley

M Burr

D Addison


A Coombs

J Loughin

Admin, Examinations Officer and PA to the Principal N Forrest
Admin, Data Manager S Irvin
Admin, Receptionist L Collins
Site Management Team P Garton

P Carroll

Catering Team  

L Phelan

N Bunn

V Palmer