Academy Policies

Aspire Academy Admissions Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Admissions Policy 2018-2019

Aspire Academy Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Aspire Academy Anti-Bullying Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Attendance Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Care and Control Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Communication Strategy

Aspire Academy Complaints Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Critical Incident Plan 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Data Protection Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Disability Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Drugs Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy EAL Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Educational Visits Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Feedback Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy First Aid Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Health & Safety Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Looked After Children Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Malpractice/ Maladministration Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Medication Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Online Safety Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy PHSE Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Quality Assurance Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Safer Recruitment Policy 2017-2018

Aspire SEN Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Whole School Provision Map 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Sex and Relationships Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Staff Code of Conduct Policy 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Visitor Screening Procedures 2017-2018

Aspire Academy Whistleblowers Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy EAL Policy 2016-2017

Aspire Academy Positive Learning and Behaviour Policy 2017-2018

Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance from 5 September 2016

Working Together to Safeguard Children

SALT Absence Policy Oct-15

SALT Adoption Leave Policy Apl 17

SALT British Values Policy Apl 16

SALT Capability Procedure for Support Staff Mar 17

SALT Child Protection Policy Nov 16

SALT Complaints Policy Sep 17

SALT Data Protection Policy Code of Practice

SALT DBS Policy Nov16

SALT Procedure for Dealing with Assaults Abuse of staff by students

SALT Director and Governor Expenses Policy Apl 17

SALT Disciplinary Procedure Jul-15-1

SALT Drugs & Alcohol Policy Oct 15

SALT Equality Policy

SALT Fraud Policy Statement Dec 16

SALT Freedom of Information Policy

SALT Gifts and Hospitality Policy Jan 2016

SALT Grievance Procedure Jul-15

SALT Health and Safety Policy 2016

SALT Teachers Performance Management Professional Development and Capability Policy Sept 2017

SALT Procedure for Allegations of abuse made against teachers and other staff Nov 16

SALT Public Sector Equality Duty Statement Nov 16

SALT Recruitment & Selection Policy Nov 16

SALT Safeguarding Policy Nov 16

SALT Special Education Needs and Disability Policy Apl 16

SALT Smoking Policy Procedure

SALT Teaching Learning Policy Feb 16

SALT Teachers Pay Policy Sept 17

SALT Whistleblowers Policy Dec 15

SALT (Aspire Academy) Funding Agreement