Our Principles

Our curriculum intends to meet the varied and individual needs of all of our students.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that enables students to engage and re-engage with learning whilst studying traditional National Curriculum subjects at Key Stage 3 and a range of GCSEs and Vocational qualifications at Key Stage 4.

We believe that students have an educational entitlement, regardless of previous performance. It is our mission to develop curriculum success for all. Through modified learning approaches and intense learning packages, we aim to bring students’ learning back on track, to accelerate progress and close the gap for those demonstrating regression from KS2. Furthermore we aim for those students who arrive with an uncertain future to have the qualifications, skills and personal attributes to be successful post 16, whether in work or further education.

Our curriculum is highly flexible and tailored to individual need and may change over time. We look for every opportunity to be innovative and maintain a 21st century offer to students.

If parents have any questions or concerns about our curriculum, or simply would like elements of it explaining, please don’t hesitate to contact Chris Mulqueen or Stacey Ward at Aspire Academy.