All UK state schools, by law, need to have an anti bullying policy.

The core values of Aspire – Alternative Provision Academy are: Forgiveness, endurance and community. In order to promote this the themes of equality, tolerance and a respect for others run throughout our curriculum and pastoral core.

Aspire’s aim is for students to leave with all the tools they need to be a successful, positive contributor to society, both within and outside of their own local communities. Bullying is counter productive to this aim and therefore bullying is not tolerated at Aspire Academy.


Aspire Academy uses a range of approaches to educate our young people thus preventing incidents of bullying. Aspire Academy considers an act of bullying to be any act designed to wilfully hurt, upset or threaten another person. This is inclusive of actions which are: Verbal, physical, cyber and emotional. This includes incidents where the aggressor’s motivators are based on: Racism, homophobia, a superior sense of possessing physical or intellectual attributes, accent or socio-economic status.


Aspire Academy also has a range of approaches in place to resolve and deal with bullying issues, should they still arise. These include: No blame support groups approach, restorative practice, circle time (called BASE) in conjunction with, where required, sanction, reprimand and parental involvement.

Please see our Anti-Bullying Policy located in ‘About’

If you have a bullying concern please contact us immediately in one of the following ways:


Telephone: ASPIRE and asking for your child’s Key Stage manager or SLO.

In person: Ask your child to approach any member of staff.