Our Ethos

At Aspire our ethos is to develop the individual moulding independent learners and confident young minds.

We Aspire to be a community founded upon mutual trust where everyone is loved for who they are. We seek to Serve others by putting their needs before our own and believe that working together we can Achieve more than we could alone.

As an Alternative Provision Academy, our core values are forgiveness, endurance and community:

• Forgiveness is essential to human life and lies at the heart of all successful relationships. With wisdom and understanding, we can learn to forgive. We aim to do this by understanding ourselves and others. In this way we, can help each other feel cared for;
• Endurance is a trait that needs to be developed in everyone. Life throws many challenges at us and we need to be prepared to face those challenges through developing deep personal reserves.
• We aim to be an inclusive community. Each person is needed, valued and important. When things go wrong we will forgive each other and make a fresh start. We will share what we have with those in need and try to treat others as we would like them to treat us.