Read our winning mini sagas ….

NASTY SNAKE by Lewis M (Y10)
The bite mark was pulsing, hurting and turning black. The snake was still slithering beside me, hissing and slobbering at me. As I moved aside to get up, the slimy evil snake tried to have another bite at me. I was too quick for it and, pulling my machete from its cover, I sliced its nasty, ugly head off.

911AGAIN! by Kye P (Y10)
It was too late! The disease had already spread around the world. There was no cure. Everyone was dead! We had no food and no water. The purple cloud of chemicals was still diffusing in the air. Everywhere I went, there were dead bodies; no life. Was this the end after all?
Day 2 still searching for food, water and also survivors. Suddenly I heard some agonising screams. Looking around, I grabbed my gun and saw a woman with two children. I started shooting the toxic zombies and ran. I only just escaped with my life. Would this ever end?

We finally emerged from the underground bunker. The virus was spreading and there wasn’t a thing anybody could do. The wildlife seemed to be lifeless and a thick haze blanketed the vast area of woodland. The group sauntered on to find life in the wasteland. Would anyone be there? Had the virus caused the extinction of the human race? WE had to know …
In the distance, a light was visible and we headed towards it. There were silhouettes of ghostly zombie-like figures sitting in a circle as if in a séance. One lifted its head and drooled, “Welcome, you people…”

OVERBITE! by Macy H (Y10)
Eyes … glaring, glowering, glinting at me. Sweating, spluttering, scouting for … I don’t even know. Wondering to myself if anyone else could see these burning balls beating within the bushes at the other side of the field. My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy.
All of a sudden the world stops. Everything, everyone, all time. Everything freezes. Eyes as bright as a supernova plunge at me at one million miles per hour. BANG!!!! …
Next thing I know I’m lying in a hospital bed. Eyes rolling. Heart pulsing. Was this the end?

DAMNATION by Katelyn M (Y10)
The rash was spreading, pulsing, hurting. The giant poisonous cloud rose into the sky. Toxic rain came down, burning, scalding us like we weren’t human any more. Flesh bubbled, skin melted, hair singed. So much pain, panic and destruction. This place was hell, worse than damnation itself. Was this the end? Nowhere to run; nowhere to hide.
But a glimmer of hope existed, the only remaining chance of survival. An antidote. Could I get to the laboratory before I was struck down? The future of the human race rested in my hands alone. I simply had to!

GAS! by Emma W (Y10)
We finally emerged from the underground bunker. When we came out, it was very cloudy because of the toxic gas. We couldn’t see where we were going. WE also wore gas masks. We had to slide on our bellies which really hurt!
Then we saw the destination and ran for our lives. Every single one of us was panicking, because we could all hear people screaming and breathing really heavily. WE could smell wet grass and egg from the gas. It was making us feel sick! Thank God we had masks. We were lucky. We had a chance …

NIGHTMARE! by Jack S (Y9)
Jack had been sent to isolation; he was bored out of his head. Putting his head on the desk, he nodded off. When he opened his eyes he was in a dark room. Beyond the window it was dark; no light from passing cars, no light from street lamps.
The corridor was deserted apart from a strange figure silhouetted in the background. He screamed in horror as the dark figure drifted towards him. Alarmed, Jack jumped into a cleaning cupboard, closing the door behind him. But the handle turned and the door inched open …
“Jack! Jack!” A finger tapped his shoulder. Relief! It was his teacher.

THE INFECTION by Matthew B (Y10)
“What is happening!?” was cried into the darkness where wails and cries echoed through the maniacal laughter. The sounds of shambling, stumbling horrors grew ever closer. This experiment was a horrific mistake, using a bacterium to mutate and enhance our soldiers. Terrifying creatures escaped into public places, wreaking havoc. Fear ran down my face with blood-filled tears from the stench of bile and blight from what were once my friends. They had mutated into grinning monsters covered in pustules and pouring wounds with intestines rolling out. Foam and slime spewed through gaps in their quickly rotting teeth. I was trapped and infected.

OCCUPATION X by Jake W (Y10)
It all started in a research laboratory. The last drop of an unknown substance fell in to the test tube and the virus became airborne. It killed the world in seventeen minutes flat.
The last survivors on Earth were on islands or in really small countries. It reduced the population to two hundred million. All were mentally scarred. The virus entered through the blood stream and caused skin to decay and the heart to stop. No one had a chance to react.
I was on an island that was secluded, me along with only one thousand people. We were all saved. I survived.

CONTAGION by Alfie K (Y10)
We finally emerged from the underground bunker to complete silence and destruction. No buildings remained on the right side of the street. I looked at my wife. She was scared. I tried to hold her but she pulled away. That’s when I saw the rash creeping up her body from her toes. I could see the colour from her face slowly ebbing away. This deathly, horrifying virus was sapping her life and energy from her. I could feel myself stepping into the abyss of darkness…

AM I DEAD? by Leia W (Y9)
I as screaming and crying. My skin was open and ripped. Something had bitten me – not just me, but lots of people. The hospital was alive with the sounds of whining and screaming. It sounded like agony itself. I was in a hospital bed attached to a machine and some wires. I had to get out! I tried to pull my hand away but couldn’t move. I could hear the nurse saying that they may as well turn off the machine. They thought I was dead! I was confused. A nurse whispered,” Sorry, love. We tried our best. We’re sorry …”

THEM Vs US by Jerry P (Y9)
The rash was spreading, pulsing, hurting. It began tingling in my fingers and then started spreading around my body. It started getting viral and a lot of people started catching it. The devious government caught wind of the situation. What could be worse than that? Plotting a plan to poison the people and gain power. Unite! Unite! Unite! The people fought back, infested the Houses of Parliament with the wretched rash before escaping with the cure they had cooked up. They live to fight NOTHER DAY. They are invincible. They will survive and fight on.

The takeaway was delicious, but … the next day it happened: belly bulging, skin swelling. Eyes aching. The disease spread around the full family. I could hear moaning, screaming, and vomiting from across the road. Have they got the disease? Had they had that takeaway too? Almost certainly! They might have eaten the same thing as me. We were all planning to sue the takeaway so nobody in the city could get poisoned. The food is sometimes tasty but I didn’t want my kids to get diseased so we all sued the takeaway. Thank God!

ANIMAL v HUMANS by Molly D (Y9)
The dark, cold air filled the void. The rash was spreading slowly and slyly. People screaming. Families filled with fear. Rapidly animals ran, humans turned. With only one place for safety, who would get there first? Fists clenching, jaws breaking, blood pouring and squirting all over the floor. Humans unite, but the rash rushes throughout their bodies and souls. The corpses dropped; animals trampled on those that lay below them. The dream destination was in close proximity. Lions roared. Wolves wrestled. Only one man stood in their way. One sharp bite and he was banished. Long live the animal kingdom!

THE E.N.D. by Logan H (Y10)
The cure had to be here somewhere. I’ve looked everywhere! The virus is spreading! I’m scared! My heart’s pulsing, hurting as I breathe. Tiny creatures are moving under my skin. What is that I can see in the distance? A bright light, almost like a beacon. I head towards the glittering bright light. I hear screeching and screaming coming from the light itself. My skin is turning a different colour as I approach it. It’s flashing rapidly. The pain!…. The sheer agony…! Is this the end?

THE SCREAM by Harvie M (Y10)
On my own, I wander the streets. No family. Blindfolded. I hear a woman screaming loudly. The sound pierces my ears, even though it is distant. I run away from the scream, but it sounds as though it is getting closer, metre by metre.
Suddenly it stops. I remove my blindfold and a blast of strong wind knocks me over. Is this the end? I don’t know what to do. A screech echoes through my skull as my life flashes before my eyes. A helicopter is hovering above me. Is my life saved?

INFECTED by Kai A (Y10)
Something scuttled under my skin. What is it? How did it get there? The burning feeling in my body is spreading around me. This pain is agonising me. This small lump is moving. Could I really be seeing this or am I going crazy? There has to be a way to get rid of this. Maybe mum’s creams? Dare I ask her? Am I a freak? Am I really going mad? That lake! Surely I haven’t caught some hideous disease swimming in there? Something must have somehow entered into my body.