The Prince’s Trust at Aspire Academy

An integral part of the Careers Development unit is to develop and strengthen links with a business to develop workplace-specific skills.
Aspire has developed a partnership with Tesco to learn about roles and responsibilities in a large organisation.
In their recent visit, students had the opportunity to investigate the processes carried out in different departments to ensure quality consumer satisfaction.
In the Fresh Fish Department, students were taken through the different manual techniques of descaling and filleting fish; in the Bakery they were guided through the processes from dough to loaf and in the Delicatessen, they explored weights and measures and the presentation of food.
The store manager explained to them the workings of a shop floor, as well as conducting mock interviews with real interview questions!
The whole experience developed the students’ confidence in a number of ways and there is the opportunity for apprenticeships for two successful applicants.
Aspire will continue to develop and expand links with Tesco. Watch this space ….